Supreme Pierogies: our traditional pierogies. Soft dough, generously filled.

supreme-pierogiesBring back memories of family home cooking and times of sharing. For more than a generation, we’ve made traditional perogies simply called Supreme Pierogies.

Supreme Pierogies can be enjoyed anytime

Lunch or dinner; as a main or an appetizer. And sweet perogies for dessert. Pierogies make a healthy, filling snack too. Enjoy some of the traditional Eastern European flavours: potato and cottage cheese, meat pierogies, sauerkraut, strawberry and blueberry flavours.

Each 392g bag has approximately 13 pierogies.

“Thank you for such a quality product. Yes, they do taste like the ones my grandmother made! I love the Sauerkraut ones - they are my favorite! My grandma was from Czechoslovakia and my grandpa was from Poland. It's been many years since they passed on, but your pierogies bring back pleasant memories of them. Thank you.” ~ Mrs. La Verne Scofield