Specialty Products: Tortellini, Cabbage Rolls, Potato Noodles and Potato Dumplings

Supreme Pierogies’ Specialty Products will bring back cherished memories of home and happy times. We offer a variety of traditional, delicious products that are reminiscent of Eastern Europe. Most of our Specialty Product can only be purchased at our outlet store.

I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I enjoy your Plum Dumplings, which I purchased at Edelweiss Village in Calgary, Alberta. I am undergoing chemotherapy at the moment and this is the one food that I can still taste well and enjoy. My great-grandma used to make plum dumplings each fall and, while my Mom and I have made them ourselves in the past, they are quite a bit of work to make from scratch, so we were thrilled to discover your dumplings. I was even more pleased to discover that they taste just like homemade. Thank you! ~ Nikolette from Calgary, Alberta