Bulk Perogies for your restaurant or catering needs

bulk-pierogiesSometimes you need larger quantities. But you don’t want to sacrifice on quality. At Supreme Pierogies, buying in bulk means buying the same frozen perogy and specialty products in larger quantities without compromising on quality.

Restaurants or event planners with catering needs come to Supreme Perogies to purchase perogies in bulk. We offer a variety of frozen products in convenient 5kg cases.

Are you interested in purchasing our products in bulk or private labeled?

Please contact our Sales Department at our Head Office in Mississauga.

“I had the pleasure of eating your "petahae" and wow!!! They taste fantastic, just like Baba used to make. We purchased them at No Frills store and wanted to know where else near our community that also sells your awesome product? Please let me know we live in Espanola and can go to the city of Sudbury if need be to get them, we would love to buy them by the case! ~ Claudette from Espanola, Ontario