Supreme Pierogies Products: A wide range of perogies for meals, snacks or dessert

Perogy-VarietySupreme Pierogies now offers 19 varieties of frozen pierogies and four product lines.

  • Supreme Pierogies: our original, traditional pierogies
  • JJ Wilks Pierogies: pre-cooked, versatile pierogies. Same high quality plus added convenience
  • Bulk Pierogies: for restaurants or for event catering
  • Specialty Products: Tortellini, cabbage rolls, potato dumplings or noodles



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“BEST PEROGIES EVER!!!!!!!! I just tried some of your pierogies with my family, and honestly they are great!! I am a 3rd generation pierogy maker, as my family came from Europe, so I can compare them to homemade!! Once in awhile, i have tried a few frozen brands and they were terrible... but yours are superb! My appreciation for the quality and taste you have put into them! I have to run out and get some more..... Thanks!!” ~ Linda from Winnipeg, Manitoba