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Opening weekend at the CNE. After a long trek around the exhibition grounds, we finally arrived at the legendary Food Building. With feet aching and my stomach throwing a tantrum like a 4 year old spaz, I stumbled into the huge warehouse of commercially colourful signs and lights. It may have been 6 years since I’ve last ventured into CNE, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the catharsis that comes with binging on all the colours of the fast food rainbow.

Killaloe Beavertail

Killaloe Beavertail

Jimmy: You mean that Ottawa isn’t the only place you can get Beavertails? IN YOUR FACE, DANICA.

“So wait a minute. You’re telling me that you have a whole different name for a cinnamon beavertail that basically just has a slice of lemon squeezed on it?” Boy, was that first impression wrong. The lemon juice actually makes a world of difference. As the juice hits the dough, it partially dissolves the sugar and turns it into a tart and zesty syrup like coating. Now, I’m no stranger or Scrooge when it comes to sweet n’ sour sauce, so you can just imagine how much this newly founded discovery of the Killaloe tickled my fancy.

Wing-See: Nobody likes paying $5 for an over-glorified donut, but what can we do…beavertail, you are delicious. I liked how the sugar made it taste crispychrunchystickysoft.



Jimmy: Maybe it was just the fact that I was starving, but these were truly some of the best perogies I’ve ever eaten. The dumpling is fried to such perfection that even the crunching sound it makes when you chomp down on it seems so right. You can tell if a perogie lacks flavor when you find yourself coating it with copious amounts of sour cream – but the filling in these particular bad boys was so flavorful that I found myself indifferent when I couldn’t fit my perogy into the tiny plastic sour cream container for dipping. You can actually taste the potatoes.

The Verdict:

Jimmy: Eat yourself silly for under $20. At $2 a pop, drinks are where they’re making all the money. My advice would be to bring your own.

Wing-See: Food at the Ex is sloppy, fast, and salty/oily/fatty/sweet. It’s good in the moment, but I don’t think about it when I wake up in the morning.

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