About Supreme Pierogies ~ Highest-quality, traditional perogies

“Supreme Pierogies makes only the highest quality pierogies. Our central focus is to preserve the tradition and culture that pierogies have woven into countries and families across the world.”

Supreme Pierogies: family-owned & operated since 1991

Supreme Pierogies has earned a reputation in the market for our passion for perogies. We’ve come a long way since starting out in the basement of a small home in Mississauga, Ontario in 1991. Joseph Wilk, founder and owner of Supreme Pierogies has developed a unique approach to mass-producing pierogies while maintaining the original roots of traditional Eastern European taste.
Today, Supreme Pierogies manufactures and distributes 19 varieties of frozen perogies and currently carries 2 popular brands of perogies on the market. We launched our “Supreme Pierogies” brand in 2004. This line of perogies is best described as traditional with homemade taste and style.

More recently we created a new line of perogies: the “JJ Wilk” brand for busy lifestyles. These pre-cooked perogies can be finished in a wide variety of ways from baking to pan-frying to microwaving.

Pierogies like Grandma used to make

Thousands of families continue to enjoy our brand. Pierogy experts and enthusiasts compare our pierogies to those that their mother or grandmother used to make. Our Supreme Team takes great pride in producing products that have rekindled priceless memories for our customers and their loved ones of family, home and tradition.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what customers say about our perogies:

“Dear Supreme Pierogies, I am writing you with praise for your pierogies! Over the years since my Mom passed away, I’ve been searching for frozen pierogies that taste like home made the way she made them. Nothing ever came close until I found your brand at the Super Center. As soon as they started to boil, I was taken back in time when my Mom made them. Your pierogies taste just like my Mom’s, and she was Polish! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
~ Margie from Mississauga, Ontario

“BEST PEROGIES EVER!!!!!!!! I just tried some of your pierogies with my family, and honestly they are great!! I am a 3rd generation pierogy maker, as my family came from Europe, so I can compare them to homemade!! Once in awhile, I have tried a few frozen brands and they were terrible… but yours are superb! My appreciation for the quality and taste you have put into them! I have to run out and get some more….. Thanks!!”
~ Linda from Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Dear Supreme Pierogies, Thank you for making these amazing perogies! They are the next best thing to my Baba’s perogies but rest her soul she is long gone and I am so happy to have found you! Thanks!”
~ Annette from Toronto, Ontario

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