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Canada’s Choice: Quality Without Compromise

Since 1991 Supreme Pierogies has made the highest quality pierogies for busy families who want the home-made quality, taste and texture of Grandma’s traditional pierogies. Our pierogies are a healthy, convenient meal choice for people and families on-the-go. Our pierogies are trans-fat and cholesterol-free.

A Wider Variety of Pierogies to Suit Busy Lives

Supreme Pierogies now offers 19 varieties of frozen pierogies. For over a generation we’ve made traditional pierogies simply called Supreme Pierogies. More recently, we’ve added JJ Wilk Brand pierogies to our line of products. These pre-cooked, versatile pierogies offer the same quality you’ve come to count on.

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Making the Perfect Perogi

Making the Perfect Perogi

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